Dont worry his older brother has a matching pair of pants all cut out and ready to be sewed up. Because what boy does not need a pair of reversible plaid/denim pants!

As a side note, I did, use just one of those flannel shirts I got in my ginormous ebay box  as lining for BOTH of the boys pants… I wish there would have been more XXL shirts in there.

So I have to keep my hands busy, other wise at the end of the day, i am horribly horribly upset with MYSELF. I don’t know what it is, don’t get me wrong I do consider reading a book keeping my hands busy.  I need to feel that feeling of accomplishment, something to mark the day by.  So here is what I have been busy with…

Making up a whole pile of this shirts, Tee for Two,  from Figgy Patterns . Thanks mom for the truck fabric, blue strip is refashioned from one of my sister’s old shirts.

And than I have been looking over my new swatches from Spoonflower.


Elephants Go Marching

And than finally, I finished up two things I am planning on putting in my Etsy shop. What do they look like? Well I haven’t taken pictures of them yet, but I do have my paint plate maybe that will give you a clue…

"It Never Snows Anymore" pillow

Just thought I would share with you my new design at Spoonflower. One yard gets you enough to make two pillows, one to share and one to give to a friend. I am waiting to receive mine and give it the go-ahead and than it will be available to buy at Spoonflower. ( Check the one yard to view the entire design.)  Hope you enjoy it!!

So I have two other projects which I hope to reveal soon but here are two that are done, okay the white dress still needs the inner layer hemmed but we can pretend its done for the sake of posting something:


This dress is from the book Twinkle Sews. It is the pattern to make the flapper camisole but modified (lengthened) to be a dress. Yes unfortunately all the fabric is synthetic, the real stuff cost to much, but thankfully still hangs great!  I love this dress and the actual pattern is simple enough that I will be using it for other dresses. Best part, NO Zippers, No Buttons!!  Just slip on, go and feel glamorous, I love dress like that!  If you like contemporary designed clothes but don’t have the heart to pay for them, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. Putting together the patterns after they print is a bit tedious, but totally worth it.

Dress #2

This dress pattern is from the Japanese Sewing book Camisole and One-piece ( this link actually has the whole book scanned so you can look at all the patterns in the book, for a beginner sewer or someone who likes something done in a day, a great book.)  That being said it has taken me over 2 years to finish this dress, and really the inner layer is still not hemmed. I made this from a shower curtain I found an loved the fabric. It cost me $4 so not bad price wise, it is a little sheer so I lined it, but I think it will make a fantastic swimsuit cover up.

That being said, I need to finish hemming it because we are off to the cabin this weekend! That and about a thousand other little things.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Every day when hubby gets home there has been a new project to show him. They have ranged from Potato Print Fabric, to having all bills and bank info sorted back to the year 2o00 ( Yes he owes me dearly for that one.)  It is all in preperation for our new one in April. I can’t help it, babies are new and wonderful when you bring them back home. Sort of like on Christmas day how you want the house to be all clean so you can just focus on playing with your new toy.  I might as well enjoy the euphoria since I know Reality of having two kids in the house will sink in the next day, or god forbid the first day.  Anyways in quest of all projects crafty and organizational I found this one over at Bright and Blithe’s blog.


Oh so wonderful, makes me even more excited to have a fully finished and functional office in our basement.  Link Here.


A sudden burst of creativity, hit me with my coffee this morning. Actually I think its been stewing in my head for awhile. I just sat down at my computer and started creating. ( That never happens, it usually frustration. after sketch, after research, after sketch.) More suprising it was turning out. So I have worked on it all day, my plans are big, probably a bit to ambitous, but I can hope . I can hope to finish, I can hope it turns out. And hopefully someone will be around to work on the prototype for a trial run along with me so its not just me doing  the  proofing and checking. (Yes, when it comes to my personal work I am more of a big idea person, get it started and leave the small details to someone else.)

I hate to throw out T-shirts. I have formed sentimental attachments to them all, or I just have this longing hope that my body will change and this t-shirt will suddenly be transformed on my body. So I have this pile of t-shirts….But thanks to Alabama Chanin and the book Alabama Stitch Book  , I have been able to give some of my shirts new lives.  This book is worth its weight, so I hope its under the christmas tree this year !!! HINT  A month or so ago I checked it out from the library and the ideas I saw in it have inspired, especially when it comes to applique and reverse applique.An Example of Applique on a shirt I did going down accross the shoulder. This took two shirts as I also lengthened the bottom of the shirt.  (Yes I hate my stomach showing!)


Back of shirt

The Reverse applique that was just one t-shirt and some scrap knit material.  DSC00775

The best thing about working with knits, they are  forgiving both fit-wise and also when you are creating designs thanks to the stretch and no-fray qualities!  Yeah for knits!!

So I have this bear I made


The pattern is 100% mine and a lot of people have been asking for a pattern, however it kills me to think that some jerk out there will start making him and charging other people for him and I get nothing not even a little recognition. ( Vanity, ahh my best friend.) So I was wondering if people would be interested in buying his pattern and if so what is the best way to do this? Mailing hard copies of the pattern? Sending PDFS? I am hoping someone reading this has some experience and would be willing to give me some advice. Or maybe I should quit being such a selfish git and share my happiness!!!

Alas, I have been told that it is a bit to short to wear at work, so now I feel like a embaressed because I did wear it to work. But here are the pics, I plan to wear it this winter over Jeans. No bum sticking out than!!



Side View

So I finally finished a dress that I have been meaning to make for ages. (I will post a picture as soon as I can) I came up with the pattern my self and for the first prototype it is wearable. (So wearable that a service guy at work hit on me ;) Basically it is all rectangles. So hopfully with pictures comes a tut. It makes you look like you got legs for miles and is great for gals with the tiny waist (and volumptous everything else.)
Thanks for letting me rant!!