My husband and I agree to disagree on many areas of the life we share together, such as who wiped H’s nose the most that week, who read the newest design article first, and who chose to turn on to the busiest street in the middle of rush hour. We do agree on some things though, ( we are married so there had to be some sort of agreement along the way) one of the happens to be no matter what your political opinion, you should be able to back your opinion up or at least care to be informed on the country we live in. This year our family took a leap and decided to try to build our own studio while we have a chance, part of the studio projects we are currently working on is my husbands pet project, STATS OF THE UNION. Go over check it out, give us feedback and like I said, we are just starting we have plenty of room to grow!!

He just posted his first stat about government transparency…. I hope you enjoy..

I have this print that I made for their pattern contest with the theme of rain…This is a close-up sideways view of a large repeat that spans the entire fabric.

Rain Down

Do you like it? How about voting?

I need to, its getting flat and its not just genetics, its of taking the easy way out… There is never a better time than now, but you know rewatching the WHOLE tv series of one of your favorite tv shows when you were a kid gets in the way.. I know. Pathetic.. Anyway.. here is a lady who has got it together, and seriously has the cutest boys and greatest ideas…..Please check out I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar

I came across a post she had written on time management and it reminded me of the my own project todo list which has been mostly sitting on the  back plate  ( especially because it seems that there is no one to take my boys for a day or two a week so I can start to consentrate:)  Anyways on my list to do is to create a to-do chore list for around the house because in my opinion, if its on a list were everyone can see, everyone knows what has to get done and I can quit micro managing.  Not quit working but quit going okay I need to do this and this…So hold me to it, by the end of this month I will have a free printable house chore list on my site…..

So I have to keep my hands busy, other wise at the end of the day, i am horribly horribly upset with MYSELF. I don’t know what it is, don’t get me wrong I do consider reading a book keeping my hands busy.  I need to feel that feeling of accomplishment, something to mark the day by.  So here is what I have been busy with…

Making up a whole pile of this shirts, Tee for Two,  from Figgy Patterns . Thanks mom for the truck fabric, blue strip is refashioned from one of my sister’s old shirts.

And than I have been looking over my new swatches from Spoonflower.


Elephants Go Marching

And than finally, I finished up two things I am planning on putting in my Etsy shop. What do they look like? Well I haven’t taken pictures of them yet, but I do have my paint plate maybe that will give you a clue…

"It Never Snows Anymore" pillow

Just thought I would share with you my new design at Spoonflower. One yard gets you enough to make two pillows, one to share and one to give to a friend. I am waiting to receive mine and give it the go-ahead and than it will be available to buy at Spoonflower. ( Check the one yard to view the entire design.)  Hope you enjoy it!!

My First Print Gocco Prints, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

So I finally got the nerve to use my Valentines Day present today. Honestly, the possibilities that the Print Gocco offered were a little nerve-racking. So telling myself to start simply, I found a sketch I had started when I was pregnant with A and decided it was time to finish it with Baby #2 D-Day(Due Day) looming 18 days away.

So sitting down during A’s naptime today, I went at it and realized why everyone gets hooked, 10 minutes later and 14 perfect prints I am in love. So on that euphoric note I am decideing to do a giveaway of at least 3 prints. These are nothing special just a periwinkle blue on white cardstock 4×6. But if you want to get a piece of fun mail, just leave a comment and your email address so I can email you to tell you, you’re a winner! Winners will be chosen by random number generator, comments will be closed April 23 @ 1PM. Good Luck!

Well two of the winners were already going to get one so we did a redo for two more, hope no one minds!

So the winners are:

# 5   Lyz
Um, this would be perfect with my belly photos of each of my babies. It’s lovely!

ps – captcha is “wife coaching”. If only! Although, maybe mom coaching would be more in demand?

#8 ruth stine
whooo hoooo! so cute! have you seen kate nydam’s goco prints? it’s a ink grandfather clock. nydampress on etsy!

#9 Ashlie
Such a simple and true sentiment. Love it.


Stenciled Mug Side View B, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

So lately I have been dabbling in painting dishware. Its easy enough to find at the thrift store, the whole process takes about two days and it is the perfect thing to do while little ones sleep since you don’t have to drag out a lot of supplies. I had done one cup already freehand… but had another cup laying around that I wanted to try this idea I had to get crisper lines .

Here is what you need:
A piece of dishware
Glass paint ( I used this brand )
A paint brush
Contact paper (white or clear)
Some images/sillhouttes
A printer
A scissors or X-acto Knife

What to do:

Using whatever imaging software you prefer layout out your sillhouttes/ images using the finest outline and not filled.
Cut your contact paper to 8.5X11 and put it into the printer. Print out the images onto the contact paper ( The reason for using the finest outline is that your ink will smear, since you are printing on a plastic. However I found using the thinnest outline, and being careful what your touch while you cut, ad you will get good results.)

Next , cut out all your shapes. Than the fun part, just start sticking on your shapes on to the cup in whatever design you like being careful to press down all the edges.

With the Glass paint, paint over all the shapes and area of cup that you want covered.

According to the paint I used I had to let it sit for 24 hours.

Remove all the contact paper from the cup, to reveal your design.
I than went through and cleaned up any uneven lines and smudges that might have happened. ( An X-acto knife or your fingernail work good for this!)

If you see any spots that need to be repainted do so and let dry for recommended amount of time again.

Bake according to manufacture’s instructions.

*My only regret with this project is that I layered the paint on heavy to try and hide some of the brushstrokes and I wish I would have just been more patient and tried to brush the strokes out…So beware the brushstokes and if anyone has a great idea on how to avoid them, please let me know!*

Stencil Mug Side View A

Ornaments for the Aunts and Uncles, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

Ever since I heard of my mother-in-law doing this with my husband and his siblings I always knew I would keep up the tradition. Evey christmas, the kids make an ornament for their Aunt and/or Uncle and Grandparents. I like the idea of a kid taking a minute to make something for someone they care about. Even more so I like the idea of my kids handing out their ornaments to their loved ones to show how much they are appreciated.


A had a ton of fun with the glitter. It was everywhere, I loved. The hubby on the other hand was rolling his eyes as he saw glitter everywhere, he hates it. The only thought for next time we do glitter, I should try not to do it the same day that we go to the pediatrician, but thanks to her good humor she didn’t seem to think I was neglecting my son even though he seemed to have glitter if every facial orifice. I cut the shapes out of cardboard that I had traced from the cookie cutters I got from Ikea. Spray painted them white. Modge podged a print-out of “Love, Aidan 2009″ on the back. Than used modge podge to adhere the glitter to the back. For the fronts I just applied modge podge again and

This year I also made cards for them to hand out on so its a little easier for my boy. To me there is nothing like a handmade ornament, and I love the growing collection on my tree !

Christmas Present in the making, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

Our house is buzzing with activity, I am getting that middle of pregnancy rush, just hope it lasts longer than last time. One Christmas project was completed this morning, a very cool little girl I know will be getting these lefse labels, complete with her own portrait to put on all her bags of lefse she seems to be making these days. If you know this little girl, please don’t tell her, Christmas surprises are the best.


So this picture doesn’t even do justice to the big lumpy lacy clumps of snow that are falling outside the window as I work at my makeshift daytime office on the dining room table. It feels like life is starting to fall into place a little again, the first trimester is done, I have a reasonably good balance between freelance design, my own design projects, schoolwork and crafting. Still I live for these moments when Aidan is sleeping, the house is clean so I can work, and my feet are warm .  I do have a home office I share with the DH unfortunatly my desk happens to be where I store all my stuff for my projects so I can quick run and get what I need during the day while watching Aidan. The dining room table makes a much better workspace, room to spread out, convience to check my emails with out closing a child gate after me, and lots of excuses to take story breaks.

My cousin posted awhile back about losing the calender that she was keeping track of her newborn with for scrapbooking purposes, and she was very distraught about it. This creeping feeling of guilt come over me. Calender, scrapbook, uhmmm hrmmm. Aidan’s baby book is complete up to 4 months and yes it is brimming full at 4 months but past that I have 941 photos sitting in a folder on my computer waiting to be sorted and printed for his baby book. As a bit of incentive and maybe just to make myself feel a little better I created some stickers to use in his book.


I LOVE STICKERS!!!  I have stickers for everything, if it can be printed on label paper it is in my office, I swear. So in that spirit I have decided to share my baby book stickers to any other moms who may need a little baby book incentive, or maybe just print them out and stick them to well… anything. Don’t have label paper don’t worry just use card stock and a little glue.

Scrapbook page

So just click here to download. Hope you enjoy, and I would love to see what you do with them!


A sudden burst of creativity, hit me with my coffee this morning. Actually I think its been stewing in my head for awhile. I just sat down at my computer and started creating. ( That never happens, it usually frustration. after sketch, after research, after sketch.) More suprising it was turning out. So I have worked on it all day, my plans are big, probably a bit to ambitous, but I can hope . I can hope to finish, I can hope it turns out. And hopefully someone will be around to work on the prototype for a trial run along with me so its not just me doing  the  proofing and checking. (Yes, when it comes to my personal work I am more of a big idea person, get it started and leave the small details to someone else.)