• The Grace of Being a Mother…


    Lately I am learning the grace of being a mother, when to say no, when to let things go. Knowing what best for our family on the whole, not for individuals and not sacrificing our family for others. I am also learning how important it is that I feel confidant of myself as an individual, how I have to take care of myself, after all two little beings rely completely on me. You read it all the time, you think you know it, you think you are doing it but it seems you keep learning that grace. The grace with which to go, its okay my kids look a mess but happy. The grace to let them wait 5 minutes for breakfast so you can finish getting yourself ready for the day. The grace with which to accept unsolicited advice with a smile and nod, biting the insides of your cheeks all the while thinking, just wait one day your kid will only want to play the bad guy, than you tell me that there is something wrong with my child. Grace… bring it on… Whats making you grow with grace lately??



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  • Lyz
    16 September 2011


    But don’t use those photos of Jackie O as a mothering litmus test. If someone was in your house taking “candid” photos, you too would look lovely and relaxed! Choke me with my own necklace? Draw on my neck? WHY NOT?:)

    Great photos, though.:)